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Emma Watsons Role In The New LeanIn Campaign

LeanIn has released a new campaign called the “Together Women Can” campaign. The campaign is all about the women and focuses on the importance of women and how influential they can be in anyone’s life.

Emma Watson played a very important role in the campaign. The Harry Potter star being a powerful and popular woman starred in a video for the campaign. 

The video for the campaign also had a lot of other popular women in it but Emma was the show stopper. The video generally had everyone talking about the women in their life who had inspired them and made them to the person they are now. The video was created for women supporting each other as a part of the LeanIn campaign.

Emma in the video mentioned that Sofia Coppola was her mentor. She said “She supported my work and made me believe I could do more”. Emma was always known to be close with her director Sofia but this goes on to prove just how much respect she has for her director.

In a video starring Serena Williams, Selena Gomez and Eva Longoria, Emma completely stole the show. Not only did she look incredible, she also gained even more respect by supporting other women and being a part of this campaign. If people though Emma Watson was surreal, she became even better after this.

There can be no haters for Emma at all but if there are, after seeing this video even they would become a fan of the beautiful, intelligent and stunning Emma Watson.